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Salonga Web Design Maple Ridge

Responsive Web Design

Your brand is your business. The visual system that expresses your personality, communicates your values, and We always keep a keen eye on speed and usability when developing sites. We make sure the site is responsive and working across multiple platforms and devices.

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Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping is the best way to quickly deliver on your wishes without ever compromising on usability or performance, because the mock-up can be directly implemented on the site as a final design.

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WordPress & CMS Integration

We build custom WordPress solutions using the latest development best practices. Implementation can be tailor made to suit your clients’ unique ideas and individual needs for content control.

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Creative Meets Performance

Our people-first approach allows a functional design with a purpose. We have the expertise for measuring a brand’s digital performance in detail. This enables us to fine-tune a strategy to best fit our client´s needs as well as to present an aftermath following implementation.

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